Month: June 2016

June Remix

Hello, Everyone! I hate to say it but I’m glad that the month of June has basically come and gone! As a teacher and mother, you can imagine what the end of the school year is like on both ends…for teachers it’s the stress of the end of the year

#What I Wore

Hello, Summer! My favorite season is finally here, and just when I thought it would never come! With the weather being so temperamental lately, I thought I was going to have to start breaking out some long-sleeves and sweaters to get me through! But this past week proved that not

The Perks of the Pedi

Hello, Everyone! On June 20th we can finally say that the summer season is officially here! This means lighter clothing, sun hats, sunnies, and full feet exposure!  Are your toes ready? Anyone that has experienced a pedicure either at a salon or at home, know how incredible the feeling is

The Lily James Collection

Hello, Everyone! This post is an exciting one for me to share, and I have been waiting for the right moment to do so! A few weeks ago I was chosen to become a brand representative for an online women’s boutique called, The Lily James Collection. And if you know me

#What I Wore

Hello, Everyone! I don’t know if any of you remember this, but a few years back, Staples aired a commercial with a parent out with his children picking up school supplies, and as they were shopping, you see the father flying down the aisles on the cart, bright-eyed, mouth wide

#What I Wore

Hello, Everyone! I hope you all have been following along on Instagram, because this month I am co-hosting my second “style challenge” where every week if you use the hashtag #fashionmindsthinkalike while posting an “outfit of the day” pic of yourself following the weekly prompt, you can be in the

My Summer Workout Playlist: From Extreme Cardio to Vinyasa Yoga

You know you’re a gym-aholic (or former cheerleader) when you hear a new song on the radio and your immediate reaction is to follow intensely to the beat in order to carefully categorize  whether it would be the perfect fit for your next cardio workout, or make for some soothing

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