Spinning to Transform Your Body

  Hello, Fitness Fanatics! This post has been long overdue, because there is nothing that I enjoy more than sharing some of my favorite passions, especially if they have such great benefits for everyone, and this is truly one of them!

I started spinning in early March as a way to “cross-train” in a sense, and get more out of my Yoga practice. And as many of you have stated when I talk about this class on Instagram, you’re a little skeptical or intimidated by walking in and hopping on the saddle, because you’ve heard about the intensity, or (most likely), witnessed the aftermath of the riders as their beat red, sweaty, and drenched bodies walk out of class… As you think to yourself…”Oh my God! What just happened to them?”

So, I want to share why it’s so important to give this high intensity class a shot! Since  starting this class, combining it with Yoga and some ab work, I’m already down about 10 pounds! This includes watching what I eat, going more organic, and so on…(but that’s for another post…right?).

Here they are! My 7 Reasons why you need to hop on that saddle…

High Intensity:

For 45-60 minutes you’re non-stop on your bike. Your instructor will be at the front of the class rooting you on, pushing you to be your very best self, while you’re adding resistance to your bike until you feel you can’t go any farther, and ultimately you do! My gym also has the bikes that light up around the handle bars, so it’s an easy way to keep yourself on target with your instructor and class and gives you the power and confidence not to back down! And boy, does it pay off!


Burns Fat in Those Tedious Spots:

Because the intensity is so high, you can easily burn from 300-1,000 calories per class. You don’t realize everything that goes into spinning those peddles…from cruising on a flat road during your warm-up, breaks and cool down, sprinting, steep hill climbs and jumps (yes, we jump… But this includes quickly pulling yourself in and out of your saddle-great for abs and leg strength!). Because you’re able to burn off loads of calories in such a short duration of time, you can easily watch the fat melt right off!


Easy on You Back and Low Intensity on Fragile Knees:

With many years of cheerleading that included gymnastics, dance, getting tossed around and hitting the ground at times (by falling, or even through the horrible impact from those toe-touches!), my knees are starting to pay! For reasons such as this, I can no longer work on running, and sometimes it’s tough going up or down stairs (especially in heels). However, spinning has such low impact that if anything, it has helped to strengthen my knee joints, and all of those surrounding tendons and ligaments. For those that complain about pain while spinning, are probably using the wrong form while in the saddle.

Spin can also prevent back strain that many receive from running or lifting. You can even modify the intensity or your stance to keep you comfortable-one of the very few cardio workouts that will allow you to do so!

You Take Control:

Alrhough you want to challenge yourself and keep up with the pace of your class, whether your intentions are to lose weight, tone up or a combination of both, if your instructor is telling you to turn the dial to the left to increase the power of your next drill, you can still go at a pace that suits you, because ultimately you’re in control of your workout. Remember, we all have days when we’re in a funk or have some sort of injury, and those are the days that are perfect to choose spin as the go-to fitness routine to help condition your body, even when the mind is saying “no!” Once you feel like you have your energy back, there’s always time to speed up and then again, if you have to, slow down.

Music as Inspiration:

I know that in order to get myself energized and in the zone for a great cardio burner, I need some heart-pumping music to do the trick (think Rocky and “Eye of the Tiger”), and spin has just that! The music is louder than your breathing, and every week it’s something new!

Tight Core, Strong, Defined Legs and a Great Booty:

Seriously, what better way is there to tone all of our major areas in one easy workout? You keep a tight core by using it for lifts, turns, and balance, so regardless your core is constantly being fired up! And because this is primarily a lower body workout  (although I do feel arm strength when bending over the handle bars), your glutes and legs never get a break, meaning that they are in full motion, pushing different speeds and different weights non-stop for an hour. How’s that compared to leg presses, arm curls, squats, and crunches as the alternative?

Muscle Confusion because the class is always different:

One of the best things you can do for your body when building a stronger one, is to use muscle confusion. Did you know that one of the main reasons why people give up working out, is not because they don’t have the time or can’t handle the intensity, it’s because of boredom! Most people grow bored because for one: they’re not switching up their routine, and two: because they are using too much reptition in their daily workout, those same muscles are receiving the same exercise, causing them to adapt and ultimately show little results with your shape. With spin, you are constantly changing your form, speed, and strength. Plus there are multiple instructors that all bring their own personalities to the table, meaning a variety of routines and a variety in music!


Whether you love a great cardio workout, or dread it, but want to reap the benefits, I started spinning 3 days a week, and now with my summer off, about 5, and already I’m seeing even more results! The best part is that the weight falls off, while the muscles tone up!

What are some of your favorite ways to burn fat, build definition, and feel good about yourself?

See you in the saddle!

X, Danielle
Photo Credits: Photo 1: Google Image, Photo 2: Pinterest 



  1. Sounds great and you look amazing !

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  2. Rach J says:

    Yes!! Love it!! & you look fab as alwayssss!! 💕

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