My Summer Makeup Bag Essentials

Hello, Gorgeous! About a year ago, I shared my very first blog post which featured “Seven Summer Steals” where I shared reasonably priced items that we all need for our summer beauty regime. A year later, for this summer season, as a request, I’ve been asked by a few people what staples I have in makeup bag in this moment to prep for the summer months.

So below I am sharing the main essentials (and okay, a few extra items that I keep alongside my makeup bag, because they wont fit in it!) that I do not leave my house without on any given day!

First, let’s start with “The Bag”:

FullSizeRender (9).jpg

I tend to not go overboard when it comes to splurging on a makeup case, because they are the one bag that gets weathered, torn, stained…the whole nine yards, because of all the products they hold, and the use it gets, and where it’s being toted around to (you get the point, right?). I just recently found this little floral beauty at the end of the aisle in the clearance rack of the makeup section for $8. It has two separate sections, to divide your products, and with deep pockets, it can hold more than just your eyeliners, mascara, gloss and blush!

To Tame the Mane:

FullSizeRender (5)

I recently found this ergonomic scalp massaging bristle brush from Marshall’s for under $5 dollars, and although I am unfamiliar with the brand Swissco, I am now a satisfied consumer of their products! I was apprehensive about the bristles at first, because the amount of hair I have always gets tangled in these types of bristles, but when I tested it out after the shower with my wet head, it felt great on my scalp and smoothly removed all tangles. It’s perfect to keep in your handbag too, because of the thin paddle, and light-weight rubber handle.

Bed Head:

FullSizeRender (10)

I have my days when I want nothing more than to hassle with my hair, so throwing it back in a braid or top knot is key for those laid-back summer days. My go-to bands that keep my hair out of my face without snagging or pulling are these clear ouchless elastic bands by Goody. I first fell in love with these, because they blend with the hair, and keep the distraction off of a big bulky band you have hanging from your braid or poking through a bun, and instead blend, leaving your hair looking like it is just in its up (or down) do, naturally. You can find these at any big box, or drugstore…one pack of about 75 costs around $4.

Beach Babe Waves:


I preached about this brand many times in the past, and I will do it again! Not Your Mother’s is the perfect brand to help you with any of your hair needs! I especially love their “Texturizing Sea Salt” spray for the summer months to help give me the tousled, beach waves that I crave all. year. long. But the calming aroma of coconut, ocean water, and the beach welcome you with each spray! Any person that I have recommended this to swears by it as well! All of their products (including this) run for under $5 and you can find them at Target, Walmart, and most drugstores.

Healthy Skin:

FullSizeRender (8)

This is a must if there is anything you need cosmetic-wise…If you’ve been following my blog since the beginning, a few of my posts boasts my desire for coconut oil. I use it for almost everything. I clean my face with it, I moisturize my body with it, I use it to make any D.I.Y. beauty product, I cook and clean with it as well. I can go on and on all day about the benefits of coconut oil (and I have, look back on my post from last summer on coconut oil and you will see), and you don’t have to spend a fortune for it. The first time I purchased the oil, it was from a Whole Goods store, and I have to say, paying only $12 or it, was not worth it, and since then I have used Target brands for under $6 and currently, my favorite one, Carrington Farms, has come from Walmart for under $5 and it has the smell of Coconuts (because, believe it or not, not all oil has the strong aroma, so if you don’t enjoy the smell, but still want to reap the benefits, take a whiff before purchasing first!)

‘Tis the season for keeping up with that Mani & Pedi:


I hate feet. I’m just going to throw this out there right now. In the winter, I love that I can hide my toes in thick layers of socks and boots; not to mention, I try to keep my nails clean and clear to give them time to breathe and avoid that awful yellow tint they can get from many months of of being colored in open-toe season.  So when I do have to polish up the toes, and in most cases, the finger nails too, I prefer for the summer months, either a clear coat, a bright color to go along with a great tan, or my favorite color of all…a blush pink. I have searched high and low, tested (and wasted) a lot of time, energy, and of course, money on many blush pink polishes…and none of them have the right shade, strong coat, and hold as O.P.I‘s “Let’s Be Friends” nail lacquer from their “Hello Kitty” line. I recently found this at Marshall’s for $3.99, and I if this wasn’t the last one in stock, I would have purchased more!

Facial Wipes:

FullSizeRender (3)

I always thought that facial cleansing wipes were  a waste of money and a cheap detour to washing your face when in reality when you wash up, you should be using the proper facial cleansers. However, there are those moments when you get sweaty, feel oily or dry, and just need to remove any toxins building below or on top of the most exposed skin when out in that summer sun. That’s why I use Skyn Glacial Cleansing Clothes to remove anything wreaking havoc on my skin. You can usually purchase a pack of wipes for under $6 at any store they sell cosmetics…even Marshall’s. Great for those “on-the-go” days, or like I said, whenever you’re having one of those “I feel grimy,” moments!

Sun-Kissed Bronzed Look:

FullSizeRender (6)

I’ve been asked in the past the one makeup item I cannot live without, and I don’t even blink an eye, because bronzer is the one item I never leave the house without. Over the years I have purchased numerous bronzers from multiple companies both expensive and cheap, but after many trial and errors, the one brand that I feel goes on easily, illuminates your skin that can be worn separately or blended with the other shades in its palette, shimmers and sticks is Wet n Wild’s Illuminating Palette. Every season they have different shades, but for summer ’16 I have their “megaglo” blend. I get what feels like my primer, highlighter, contour, bronzer and rosy blush all in one swipe! Not to mention, this large palette lasts for a few months, is cruelty free, and under $5 at any Target, Walmart, or pharmacy.

Maybe She’s Born With It…?:

FullSizeRender (1)

I feel like I’m time-warping back to the 80’s by saying this, but I’m a sucker for a great blue eyeliner with sun-kissed skin. And since I feel that eye shadow ages a face, more than it does wonders, I usually line my eyes with liner and then make my eyes POP with mascara. So in the summer months I opt for an electric blue liner to bring out the blue in my eyes. I found the perfect pencil that glides on smoothly, and withholds any wear my eyes go through during the day with Maybelline’s “Lasting Drama Waterproof Gel Pencil” in silken turquoise. The only issue I run into with it (like most pencils) is that it needs to be sharpened after a few applications. But definitely worth it for under $5, in any cosmetic aisle that sells Maybelline!


FullSizeRender (4)

If you need a wake-up call, mascara will answer! Aside from bronzer this product is another must have in my bag! I thankfully was blessed with really dark, really long lashes, so although I don’t need much lengthening or darkening, I still love the dramatic, romantic, and mysterious look certain maximizing “cat eye” wands do to not only the lash, but the eye in general. The best product I have used by far recently is again, Wet n Wild’s Cat Eye Mascara in the darkest shade of black you can go…(if that makes any sense?). One of two coats from this purple wand for under $5 and your eyes will POP all day long.

Pucker and Pout:

FullSizeRender (2)

Even though the winter months are notorious for dry, cracked lips…the summer months are just as likely to dry, blister and crack with weathering…that’s why I am obsessed with Hanalei’s Sugar Lip Scrub. I am able to moisturize my lips, reviving the skin, and rejuvenating my natural lip color with this lemon based sugar scrub that i massage on my lips to exfoliate any dead skin cells, leaving my pucker smooth, shiny (without that over-the-top glossy look) and restoring its healthy base to kiss my two babies with!

Food. Water. Chanel. The Essentials:

FullSizeRender (7)

And after all is said and done, there is nothing that makes me feel more feminine then a great perfume that makes me feel put together even when I’m just running around in leggings and a tank all day. My favorite perfume with the perfect, light, floral scent (perfect for those who can’t handle strong scents because of their awful migraines-guilty!) is the ever so classic Chanel N5. These bottles can run you anywhere from $75 and up, but they’re worth the splurge. When you purchase a bottle not only does the scent stay on your body all day, because the perfume is such great quality, but by using less, you’re getting more out of it by not having to continuously purchase it more than once a year. I promise you it’s worth it, and the brand speaks volumes, a true classic thats been around for decades!

Now that you know my current must haves in my summer makeup bag, I hope they have helped to give you some inspiration or curiosity to go out and seek some of these brands that I can not only live without, but truly believe in. What are some of your vital makeup bag “must haves” for this time of the year? Was there anything that you find as your “go-to” that I missed?

Hope you enjoy these makeup essentials for the most essential season of all!

X, Danielle

Photo Credits-O.P.I: Hello Kitty, borrowed from Google Image










  1. Love, happy blog anniversary!

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  2. I absolutely love this post !!!!! I’ve tried just a few of these items but they all look fabulous , so I’m going to look for them ! I especially love your suggestion for beachy hair because I’m letting my hair grow !

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