Month: March 2016

Winter Wardrobe Round-Up

Hello, Everyone! I hope you were able to enjoy a relaxing Easter Weekend with friends and family. It was hard to believe how early Easter was this year (at least from my perspective), but now that it’s over, I feel as though it took winter away with it-which is fine

The 8 Habits of Successful Women

Success doesn’t just land on your doorstep. If you want something amazing to happen to you, you need to be proactive about it, and make it happen! And by being passionate and showing dedication, you will be one step closer to obtaining those goals. However, in order to be successful

#What I Wore

Hello, Everyone! Just when I thought it was safe to thaw out my winter wardrobe, and freshen it up with some spring wear, mother nature decided to throw us a curve ball, and now we’re possibly preparing for…dare I say it…snow?! So this week of “What I Wore” consists of

Tips for a Healthier Easter Holiday

‘Tis the season of endless holidays, everyone! If you’re like me, you can’t escape walking down the aisles at any grocery store or even your local pharmacy without being surrounded by infinite amounts of assorted holiday candy. We went from Christmas, to Valentine’s Day, to St. Patty’s, and now the

#What I Wore

Happy St. Patty’s week, Everyone! Even though the spirit of the holiday is in the air (and in most of our pint glasses), I incorporated  very little of it in this week’s wardrobe attire. However, one thing I did manage to do in the light of spring, was to make

Think Green! Healthier Alternatives to Quenching Your Thirst This St. Patty’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day may only be one day out of the year, but I feel the minute the calendar flips its page to the month of March, plans for this popular holiday gets underway. While there are plenty of unhealthy ways to enjoy the spirit of this “global” celebration, if

Davoria Jewelry

Hello, Everyone! I hope the fresh air of spring has helped revitalize your spirit, just as it has done to mine! With the transition of this warmer season finally peeking through the damp, cold, grayness of the agonizingly long winter months, it’s time to start thinking of all the beautiful

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