Month: February 2016

February’s Fashion Favorites

Hello, Everyone! What a whirlwind of a month this has been, and I can’t believe March has crept up on us so soon-but I can’t complain, because although I love layering up for the (semi) cold winter months we’ve been experiencing in the great northeast, I am ready to share

22 Beauty Hacks On A Budget (Part 1)

We’ve all had that genius moment where we’ve come across a game-changing beauty or life tip or trick to help save time and money at the store. So below I wanted to share some of the hacks that either I have come across by thinking outside of the box, or by

Why Your Workout Clothes May Be Ruining Your Workout

 We’ve all been there, and I know for one thing, I fall victim of it myself…purposely wearing the wrong kind of workout gear, just because I love the specific style, shape, designer, you name it. But what we fail to recognize is that some of the fitness wear that we

What I Wore (Week #18)

Hello, Everyone! I hope your week was full of rest and relaxation, and if you’re a teacher who just enjoyed a much needed winter break (such as myself), then you can clearly relate. Aside from the extensive time off from reality, if you’ve been following along on Instagram, you’ve probably

Outfit Inspo For The Perfect (Or Imperfect) Valentine’s Day

Love is in the air…or maybe not? Either way you look at, there is something to be said about this sappy holiday that gets fashionistas so excited! Whether you need some inspiration for the perfect outfit on your perfect date, a night out with your favorite friends, or even a

Effortless Hacks for the Denim Lovers

Hello, Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of your weekend! If you’re like me, weekends are spent in workout clothes if I just want to lounge around, or my favorite denim for those moments when I need to try to look presentable, but want little effort in

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