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One thing you may not know about me, is that I am a very picky person. I’m picky about what I eat, and where. I’m picky about the type of clothes I wear (go figure).  I’m picky about the products I use for not only myself, but my family too.  I’m picky about the wall color in my house. I’m picky about how I teach certain material to my students, and I am picky about how I want my hair. You get the idea, right?  So when I was in dire need of a haircut and color, I decided that I was also in dire need of finding a stylist I can finally call my own…

My life becomes a whirlwind of events on most days (and if you’re not living under a rock, you can relate to this), so it becomes difficult for me to plan ahead, especially when it comes to making appointments for myself. But seeing that since days long past, when I started becoming responsible for paying for my own haircuts, I’ve pretty much dodged making appointments, and instead, opted for running straight to the mall for a quick trim and highlights. And as said earlier, I am very picky and precise about what I want, so I would get sick of asking for the same trim, and the same highlights, time and time again, just because I knew that it was something (I would hope) any stylist I booked with, could do correctly, with little room for error, but (sigh)…they have. So finally I woke up, and decided I needed to go to someone with experience, some personality, and someone with a reputation-not  a mediocre one, but a bona fide,  “most-go-see-this-stylist”  type of reputation.

That phrase “word of mouth is the best advertisement,” stands pretty firm in my case. If I was going to get someone who knew their stuff, I needed to ask around. And being picky, I wanted someone young, fresh, and local. So I asked around, until someone mentioned Heather, a local business owner with 6 years of experience. When I heard the name, it clicked. I thought, “Oh yeah! Why didn’t I go see her sooner?!”

I’ve known Heather for many years. We grew up in the same town, went to the same high school (Go Bethlehem!), and pretty much connected through endless years of cheerleading. I am “friends” with her and her salon, “Executive Cuts” on Facebook, and through Instagram, and decided it would be crazy not to get in touch with her. The photos she has posted on her site, are enough to show how dedicated, creative, and just damn good she truly is.

hair 6

So, I booked my appointment this past week-and from the moment I walked in the door of her quaint little salon, I knew I would be back. The salon features the classic black and white checkered floor, a zen-like feel with calming colors on the walls, lit candles, a counter with cute stools, and 4 booths. The salon has pictures on the walls, with photos of hair models, and empowering quotes. And Heather and the other stylist working were warm, and welcoming from the moment I stepped through the door.

To begin, all of the stylists at this salon are not only New York State Certified, but they continue their education with Redken and Wella color enhancement and cutting classes. They even have a certified barber for all you men out there!

After telling her that I wanted to keep the length of my hair, so just a little trim to clean up my splits, (which at this point, were even growing their own splits…how is that even possible?!), and that new Balayage coloring-without hesitation, she went to work. What I loved hearing was that she was so excited about doing the coloring, because she, along with her staff just came back from a training to help improve their craft on doing this type of look, because as I have been assured, it is not going away any time soon!

hair 1

It was easy to chat with Heather, from small talk, to kids, yoga, you name it…, and I’m not just saying this because I know her, because believe me, I was so lethargic and energy deprived, after just getting over a bad cold, you could just see through her body language and tone, that she was able to hold a conversation as if she was old friends with every customer that called or walked through her salon doors in the time frame I was there.

Everything was done in a timely manner, with no pressure, or rushing. When she was washing out the color to do the final steps for my appointment, you could see the thrill in her eyes when she asked if she could curl my hair, too. I don’t care what anyone says, when you get your hair done, 99% of the time, the stylist is going to cut and blow dry your hair and call it a day-not here! This is where the dedication, drive and passion shows.

As for products-First, to answer the question, you know you’re all thinking: yes, the products smell great! They use all professional, Redken Products, that cover all areas of hair care concern: it keeps your hair nourished and clean, while keeping it strong, smooth, and protected from exposure to any elements your hair comes across daily.

Their Services-A full service salon dedicated to men and women with affordable cuts, colors, highlighting, blow dry, up-dos, straightening, permanent waves, body waves, keratin treatments, manicures, waxing, lash extensions, and with prom and wedding season in the forefront, they also travel for large events.

hair 11.jpg

Location-If you’re in the capital region in upstate, New York, the salon is conveniently located at 178 Old Loudon Road, by the Latham Circle.

And my results: Well…take a look for yourself! A picture says a thousand words, correct?  Disclaimer:  I used no “#filter” for these photos, and I would have to say, they put the “photo-shopped” hair images we all pin on Pinterest to shame!
hair 4hair 3

The summer is peeking around the corner! Call now for your appointment at Executive Cuts so you look great for that upcoming event, or just to feel good about your hair again!

You can follow Executive Cuts on Facebook: “Executive Cuts Full Service Salon” or on Instagram: @ExecutiveCuts 178, or visit their website (linked here for your convenience): ExecutiveCuts.com

Contact Heather to schedule your appointment today! 518-250-5701 or 518-505-9427

hair 2

Here’s to a new look! From Locks that I love, from locks that you will soon love, too!

X, Danielle






  1. Oh my goodness !! It makes me want to plan a trip just to go this salon ! Yes,your hair puts any other hair- do , photoshopped or not, to shame !!! Xoxo great post ! So fun!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Theresa says:

    I saw your your new hair on IG before this post but the hair in the chair definitely is beyond PIN WORTHY!! I went the same route you did for years and up until a year ago I found a professional studio. Having someone who loves what they do and takes their time in getting you these type of results is invaluable glad you have your “person” lol she is very talented!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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