How To Set Goals (And Apps To Help You Keep Them)


Hello, Everyone! I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend, and now that the fresh, warm air is here to stay, maybe it’s about time to start with some fresh new goals that are actually attainable, this season! This past week I turned 35, and for the first time since my 19th birthday, I wasn’t bummed out over it. There’s something about turning 35 that makes it feel like a defiant moment in time where you stand on that fine line between being a young adult, and a matured, established one.

I’ve had quite an amazing year, where I have finally felt comfortable enough in my own skin to go out there and actually go for what I want, instead of holding back in fear and using that lame excuse of “it’s just too late.” The only thing that gets “late” is the passing of time, and the longer I felt I held off on my passions, the longer it would be to achieve these dreams, and make my life feel that much more complete. So, even though its taken me 30-some-odd-years, the light bulb has finally turned on, and I am in full-force to continue pursuing all that life has to offer.

My motto at 35: “Be grateful for what you have, and be ready to take that leap for all that is to come.” So with that being said, I have set aside some more goals for myself to help build on the foundation that brought me into this blogger-sphere, and along with that I want to share some ways in which you can help set goals for yourself, and actually stick with the plan! So take a leap with me, and go for what it is you deserve!

First And Foremost, Have A Game Plan: What Are You Passionate About?

You have to start somewhere. So make a list of things that you are most passionate about. Clearly I love fashion, fitness,and my family, so my goals are going to incorporate these three. You need to figure out who you are, and base your goals around these hobbies and interests. If you think about it, the more interested you are in something, the more likely that goal is going to stick.

Do Not Hesitate!

Ever hear the phrase, “hit the ground running”? Well, that’s exactly what you need to do here. One of the ways to start achieving your dreams is to get out there and start making them happen! The longer you keep those great ideas stored on a notepad in your phone, or in a journal on your nightstand, the longer they will just be “dreams.”

Be Vulnerable!

You have to! I know it’s easier said than done, but think of it this way-your competition already has  a head-start and you need to catch up! The most successful people have made plenty of mistakes and have been willing to put themselves out there, knowing that at some point you will feel like you’re at a loss, but when you have the drive and the mindset, that this is what everyone goes through, it will take you one step closer to the end result. Remember, great things never come easy!

Do Not Break Your Major Goals Into Mini Goals!

If you want to achieve a goal such as losing 10 pounds by summer, don’t break it up by saying this week I will eat healthy, next week I will start working out, and the week after that, I will try both…It will not work! Baby stepping your way to success is an easy way of saying, “ehh…I’d like to, but…”


Do Something That Will Work You Towards It, Daily:

It was about a year in the making, before I started up my fashion blog, and last year at this time, I was just figuring out the ins and outs of my website. I told very few people about my plan, because I was afraid to get the word out about the blog before it happened, but I also wanted enough people to know, that way I had some fire under my belt to keep me going! Every day I would take notes, study, observe, and do my research. I never left the house without a notebook or camera in my bag, because I find inspiration everywhere! And little by little, I started to build up my confidence to go on out there and become a blogger!


Do One Thing At A Time Until It’s Done:

Pace yourself. If you set too many goals at once, failure is likely to happen. That is why one big goal that you can pick at day-by-day is always the way to go. You might think that you can do multiple tasks at once to obtain this goal, but you should be working on it step by step that way it is done the right way, not the easy way. I started by saying, “Okay, I am going to start up a Fashion and Lifestyle Blog first, and then…”  See what I mean? And now that I have the Blog up and running, I am simply working towards the “and then…” portion of my newest goal.

Be Willing To Hustle, Baby!

Sorry folks, but success stories don’t come from those who fidget around with their dreams when they’re bored. Success stories come from those that go to bed early in order to get a great night’s sleep, so they can then wake up early, because they are ceaseless! You have to get yourself in the routine of working hard until the job is done, and if you’re thinking, “Well, the job is never done…”, then you get my point. If you want something, it’s the most gratifying feeling when your dreams start to become reality. And let’s face it: if you love what you do, you’re never truly working a day in your life!

Yes, You Will Have Delays! So Plan For Them-But Do Not Let Them Consume You!

You will fail at times, we’re only human, and if someone says they’ve never failed, not only are they cheating you into believing they’re something they’re not, but more so, they’re cheating themselves. If you know that a setback is in the forefront, then it’s not a true “setback,” look at it more as a delay in the process, and we all have them-all of us. As long as you can pick yourself right back up and find a solution to these minor bumps in the road, you’re in the clear, and ready to keep on truckin’ again!


Be willing to reach out and contact people that have either been in your situation, or could possibly be a vital life line. My younger brother and I still argue like we’re 9 and 7, but when I knew I wanted to start up a website,-me, the girl who can pretty much turn on the computer and check my emails, I swallowed my pride and went to the one guy that knew enough to build his own computer in high school (back before You Tube and Pinterest could do it for you!), that same boy that still drives me crazy: my little brother. Don’t feel like you have to be a martyr, save that for when you’ve made your accomplishments-but don’t forget those that helped you succeed, because without them, you’d still be at the bottom!


Ready to take a chance, but need a spark to get you started today? Try out these Apps, built specifically to help turn your good intentions into action!

NOZBE (Free): Helpful for those who like to keep things organized and compartmentalized

app 5

IWISH (Free): Helpful for those who want to set goals, but are not sure what kinds. This app has you figure out your core values and areas of interest first.

app 4

STRIDES (Free): Great if you prefer a visual and graphs, instead of words

app 3

IRUNIRUN (Free): If you feel that the only way to win your race is with a little competition, this app will make your goal achieving into a game, where every time you complete a task, you receive a higher score in a game where you are your only competitor!

i run.jpg

COACH.ME (Free): If sharing your stories with others is a way to help motivate you and keep you on track with your goals, this site is a global community built to help encourage and support each other on the path to achieving your goals.

app 2

WAY OF LIFE (Free): Use a color-coded system to help make and break your habits, with some daily motivation.

app 1.jpg

Determination, patience, and drive will ultimately make you achieve your goals. Only you can predict the kind of success you will have, no one else. Just know that it won’t come easy, but it will come. What are some of the goals you’ve had on the back burner, but are now ready to make that fantasy your reality?


Hoping you all decide to take that leap this week!

X, Danielle








  1. Theresa says:

    There are so many inspirational points I took away from your post, this was my first week of blogging on my lifestyle blog and I fell short of so many goals but I am determined to just continue to have fun, be me and meet some great people like you along the way to make this journey a happy and positive one!! Thank you for the encouragement to keep working toward the goals I have, the apps are a great resource as well 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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