How Long Should You Hold Onto Your Beauty Products?


This is the perfect time of the year to start rummaging through some of those favored beauty products you’ve stocked up on in recent months (or recent years). Although it can be difficult to part ways with a product that you absolutely love, and more than likely paid a lot of money for, it’s important to acknowledge the risk factors that are involved with expiring beauty products. Truth be told, your skin and body aren’t the only things that need a detox-your makeup bag, nightstand, and bathroom cabinets may need one too.

So, in order to avoid any major skin or healthcare issues, below I’ve listed 13 products that both women and men may use-and their expiration dates that we all really NEED to know! So instead of getting down to that very last drop of moisturizer, you may want to think twice…

Body Lotion: (2-3 years depending on packaging)

FullSizeRender (84)

More than likely, this is one product that gets used to the last drop before its expiration date. If the lotion comes in a jar, it should last you about two years, and with a pump, it should last three

Face Cream: (1 Year)

If you purchase your face cream in large jars, beware! If you use it beyond one year, the product may breakdown, which is not only a disservice to your skin, but it could cause some serious irritation as well. In order to keep track of how long you should hold onto this product, write the expiration date somewhere on the container, so you know when it’s time to renew!

Sunscreen (1 year)

JASON Sunscreen 30

Don’t think twice if the expiration date on your tube has been over a year. The soul purpose of purchasing sunscreen is to block the UV Rays, and after a year it breaks down and could do the polar opposite: not providing you with the protection you need to avoid sunburn

Skin Serums (6 months) 

This is one product that has a short expiration date, but also comes in smaller containers. Even though it can do wonders for replenishing skin, the product’s ingredients tend to breaks down easily

Loofah (1-3 months)

I love loofahs to help wash and exfoliate my skin at the same time, but think about it-overtime there can be quite the build-up of dead skin and product. So to avoid any skin irritation or infection, switch it out

Razor: (5 weeks)

Razors can get dull and rusty. Make sure that even if it gets little use, to toss it, in order to avoid any harmful cuts or infections to your skin

Lipstick/Lip Gloss (6 months to 1 year)

lip gloss

This is by far one of the hardest products for me to break free from. I have an endless supply of lip gloss that I love, and not to mention, a few lipsticks that I paid a pretty penny for. But glosses start to get sticky, lose their scent, and like mascara, harbor bacteria, while lipstick can become thick, and the ingredients can also start to breakdown

Mascara (2-3 months)

One of the worst infections to have is one in your eyes, and that is exactly what can happen if you keep your mascara for longer than a few months. The small tube has the opportunity to keep bacteria sealed in. Not to mention, it starts to clump together and dry out too.

Eyeliner/Eye Shadow (1 year)

Like mascara, these products are used around the eyes, so if you have to make your “make up purge” a sparse one, these are the ones I would always toss first. The build up of bacteria and the breakdown of the product can really cause some damage to them

Liquid Foundation (12-18 months)

Liquid Foundation can be difficult to part ways with, especially if the color was a perfect match for your skin, but usually around 12 months it starts to break down, because it contains oil. Besides, your skin tone changes as you head into the warmer months, so try to plan accordingly. Every late spring and/or late fall, opt for a new one to help accommodate that sun-kissed glow (if you even need it this time of the year), or pasty winterized look (yuck!).

Perfume (2 years)

I can’t believe that perfume can last this long, but it does! usually if it’s a scent you absolutely love, chances are it will be gone within the first year, but if you have a collection-two years max, before the aroma starts to smell much stronger, or as if you just doused yourself in rubbing alcohol. My best advice is to keep it away from heat, or even store it in the fridge! But if all else fails, give it a smell test to see if the aroma has gone “bad,” you can even check to see if the color has changed, but most importantly, if the label lists certain ingredients not meant to sit for over 2 years, then toss it! Your skin is too delicate to risk any rashes, because you have to smell nice. Sub a scented body lotion for the time being, if necessary!

Hairspray: (3 Years)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I’ve never owned a hairspray that I’ve kept longer than three years, either because I didn’t like the product, or I just wanted something new and fresh to try with my ever-changing hair. Although it probably won’t harm you to use this past expiration date, you probably won’t get the same hold, and it may even start to smell a little funny

Toothbrush (3 months)


This one is a no-brainer. Although my dentist gives me a new one when I get my cleaning every six months, it’s important to note that these CLEAN OUT YOUR MOUTH, and the bristles can become dull. And not to be gross, but they’re also exposed to toxins and bacteria in the air of your bathroom!

Deodorant (9 months to 1 year)

Another product, that for a decent price, usually gets used up long before its expiration date,but again, the product itself can breakdown and cause skin irritation and infections if it is used past its due date!


What are some of the products that you have been using for too long, but find it hard to break free from?

X, Danielle


Photo Credits: Image for sunscreen borrowed from the Target website and images for body lotion and toothbrush, borrowed from google image





  1. Great post !! It’s crazy how long I’ve held on to products !!

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