Time To Thaw Out Your Closet


Every spring and fall I get ready to do a major closet overhaul. I go through and try to re-organize and clean out what I have accumulated for the past two seasons, and either find a better way to utilize them in my closet, or purge them. However, there are many steps one should actually take before conquering this task. Below are some helpful pointers on how to productively spring clean your closet and maybe even find new purpose for those items that you were oh so adamant about tossing.

Take Everything Out!

In order to completely go through and give your closet a spring clean, means you need to take everything out-yes, everything! So make sure you are in the mood, because this is one project that you can start, but can’t finish. By emptying out this space, it will help you get a fresh start, and even a fresh perspective on organizing and de-cluttering

No Excuses!

We’ve all done it before. We know we have that one article of clothing in our closet that has been lingering in the back, and ever time you go to remove it, you think, “Wellll…maybe I’ll find something to wear it with, someday.” Don’t think twice-just toss it into that donation pile!

The Hanger Trick-

This is brilliant, actually…not only does this keep away those excuses, but it does the work for you, saving time and energy when you are trying to empty and re-organize your space. Simply put all of the clothes hangers on your clothing rack in one direction, and when you put them back on the rack, have the hanger face the other direction. It’s an easy visual to show you what you are and are not wearing, to make that spring cleaning much easier

Involve Your Friends!

Not sure if those pants fit your right, or just want to pass along that great blue shirt your friend is always admiring? Grab some drinks, snacks, music and your p.j.s, and invite the gang over for a night of sharing advice on what looks good, what to trade with your friends, and what to toss.

Do Not Procrastinate!

After you’ve made your donation pile, don’t let it sit there for days on end, or else you are going to keep going back to it, asking yourself, “Well maybe I should keep that blazer, I may wear it again once I start shopping for fall pieces…” Just pack it up and ship them out!

Decorate Your Space!

Not all of us have a full-size room to use for our clothes, shoes and accessories, but if you add some color to your closet, by using the pallet in your clothes to brighten it up, or by putting your shoes or bags on display, this could be enough to freshen it up a little bit and put a smile on your face, every time you enter this small enclosed space. And if you do have the room, why not try hanging an old skirt that has some sentimental value, in a picture frame, adding some paint or patterns to your walls,  or a cute throw rug, a chair and a body-length mirror to spruce up the look? The ideas are endless, and it will keep you inspired to stay organized.


Now that you are ready to place everything necessary back into your space, why not grab a shoe rack to help organize all of your favorite spring booties, sandals, and pumps. Pick up some containers from your local Target, Walmart, or Ikea (AKA: Heaven on Earth) to help keep all of your belongings nice, neat and tidy.

If you have boots, but have to move them to the back of your closet, a great trick to help keep them up-right is to roll up magazines and stick them in each one to avoid any creases from forming, due to the long duration of time you will be going without wearing them.

Make Your Clothing Visible!

It’s almost a daily struggle for me, going into my closet before getting ready and thinking to myself, “I have nothing to wear!” Reorganize your closet so you can see everything you have, whether it’s by color, season, blouses, skirts, pants, etc…You may soon realize that your’re saving money as well, because you’re not on a hunt for something you didn’t think you had, because it has been shoved into the back of your closet since last year.

Now you’re ready to find ways to wear the clothes you haven’t seen in awhile, or you’re getting ready to peel back the layers in order to welcome the warmer months…so start playing around making some new outfits for yourself!

But what to do with all of those clothes and accessories that you no longer have use for? 

Try donating to a local charity, or a Salvation Army. If you have gently used clothing and you are looking to make some additional cash to re-stock your closet, I am 100% satisfied with the free app Poshmark. I have been a member for over 3 years, where I have sold and purchased gently used, or new clothing, shoes, and accessories. And if you join now, use my code: HVVUZ to receive $10 off your purchase.



I hope you enjoy thawing out your closet this spring! Let me know what you were able to tackle and if you have some great tips on organizing, de-cluttering or favorite charities to donate to, because I would love to hear from you!

Happy Spring Cleaning!

X, Danielle
Photo Credits: Featured image from Google Image





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