Tips for a Healthier Easter Holiday

‘Tis the season of endless holidays, everyone! If you’re like me, you can’t escape walking down the aisles at any grocery store or even your local pharmacy without being surrounded by infinite amounts of assorted holiday candy. We went from Christmas, to Valentine’s Day, to St. Patty’s, and now the next step is a visit from the Easter Bunny. My guiltiest pleasure, when it comes to staying focused on my health regime is not getting to the gym, but over-indulging in chocolate, right down to the very last morsel.

If you’re looking to end this viscous cycle of unhealthy eating, because the holidays call for nothing but fat-filled fun, but you fear “healthier” options will end up disappointing the kids, why not try these seven tips to keep your fit lifestyle on point while making it through this endless parade of holidays?

  1. Hold off on purchasing those sweet treats to fill your baskets…

FullSizeRender (2)

One of the biggest issues when it comes to holiday celebrations is, you guessed it: over-eating. Hold off on purchasing endless amounts of Easter treats to fill those baskets, or candy dishes, and dare I say this…wait until the last minute? Not only will it curb your temptation, but you may even find that the candy you were willing to purchase at $5.99 a bag, has now dropped to half price, because let’s be honest, before we even begin to enjoy our Easter brunch, stores will be advertising ways in which you should be celebrating Mom.

      2. Sign up for a Race…

FullSizeRender (5)

Register for a race! It’s a great way to bond with family and friends, while keeping yourselves in shape! Although there are races year-round, now that the winter is dying down, and there is some warmth lingering in the air, check out this website for running events in your state:

     3. Entertain with healthier options…


Restructure the way you cook and entertain for your guests. Just because it’s a celebration, it does not mean that your menu has to call for greasy appetizers, high carb side-dishes and sugary sweets. Instead, start researching some healthier alternatives. Try fruit or veggies platters, with healthier dip options, lean meats, and substituting those mashed potatoes for mashed cauliflower. If you take the time to look for ways to get creative with your food, you won’t feel as though you are depriving yourself from all of the wonderful options there are in store for you.

    4. Moderation…


I’m sure you’ve heard this loathsome little word before…but let’s face the facts-you’re not going to maintain or even reach your goal if you’re planning on consuming endless amounts of treats on Easter Sunday, or the days following as you scarf down those left overs. So if you want to feel good about yourself, set limits. A few pieces of candy, or one piece of pie will not break the scale, so focus and enjoy yourself without the guilt!

    5. Make your gym, or fitness regime your new BFF…

FullSizeRender (4)

For most, holidays are tied to a day off of work, or even a week’s vacation (calling all college students and teachers!). Take advantage of it! If you plan on eating extra for your Easter dinner or dessert, why not dedicate some more time to a friend that will never turn its back on you: your gym!

    6. Put those colored eggs to great use…


In my household, the night before the Easter Bunny comes hopping down the bunny trail,it is strictly dedicated to decorating dozens of eggs, with enough dye lolling in the wake of egg-decorating madness to keep me cleaning long after that silly rabbit has leaped back down the bunny hole. So this year, make sure that once the hunt is over, that you remove those eggs from the baskets, and store them in your fridge to use for a quick snack or a nutritious topping on your salad. Hard-boiled egg whites are a great source of lean-protein that will satisfy your hunger, while keeping you fit and energized!

    7. Focus not only on the physical benefits of having a healthier holiday, but the mental and emotional aspects as well…


We’ve all been bombarded with the stress that holidays can put on us. Sometimes, it consumes us to the point that we get side-tracked and forget the true meaning of why we are celebrating it in the first place. Instead, it is replaced with finding the perfect gift, hosting a crafty “Pinterest” inspired party, or finding the ideal holiday outfit…but sometimes we need to refocus and take our minds away from the physical attributes of the holiday and remember the true meaning behind the spirit of Easter. Even if you’re not extremely religious, it is important to understand the meaning behind this special holiday, to help you focus on a healthier overall being, not only this Easter, but for years to come.

What are some of your healthier spins on this upcoming holiday? Be sure to tag me on Instagram: @daniellepiel or on Facebook: Danielle Piel with your favorite ways to celebrate, or even leave a comment below.

Here’s hoping the Easter Bunny leaves you some healthier alternatives in your basket this year!

X, Danielle

Photo Credits: Picture for #3 borrowed from Google Image





    I love this and I totally agree! P.S… I love reading your blog 🙂

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