22 Beauty Hacks On A Budget (Part 1)

Bronzer (2)

We’ve all had that genius moment where we’ve come across a game-changing beauty or life tip or trick to help save time and money at the store. So below I wanted to share some of the hacks that either I have come across by thinking outside of the box, or by following the advice of others. Either way, these have been tried and are completely true…So be ready to start shopping your own kitchen and bathroom for a fraction of the cost with these helpful hacks!

This week I am showcasing Makeup and Nail tips, followed by next week’s focus on hair, lashes, and yes, broken compacts!

Cuticle Remover: 

Because the winter months can be harsh on our finger nails, and not everyone can afford to take a weekly trip to the nail salon, here’s a quick remedy I’ve been using to not only take away those unattractive cuticles, but to help condition the ends of my fingernails as well: 

1 tbsp olive oil, 1 tbsp white sugar, 1 tbsp of warm water, mix in a container, scrub across the cuticle with a Q-Tip or cotton ball, leave the residue on as a moisturizer or remove with warm water

DIY Nail Polish:

It drives me crazy paying anything more than a few dollars for nail polish that I may only wear a few times (if it even turns out to be a decent shade once I apply it). So instead of breaking the bank to achieve a rainbow of colors to your seasonal collection, try making your own:

Crumble up a shade of eye shadow and apply it to a bottle of clear nail polish -or- mix clear nail polish and crumbled eye shadow on wax paper to mix different shades, or to avoid wasting a full bottle on just one color.

Taming Messy Manis:

If you’re doing your own nails, and want to achieve a professional look (or closely related), this is a great way to stay in-between the lines (of your nail and skin, of course)

Line your nail with Vaseline. Once your nails have dried you can either wipe the excess off, or leave it on to moisturize.

Pesky Glitter Polish Remover:

I am a sucker for a great glitter polish to help add a little “sparkle” to my mani, but the shinier the glitter I feel, the more difficult to remove…

Soak your fingernails in polish remover and then wrap your fingernails in tinfoil for a few minutes. Once you take the foil off, the glitter should easily slide off with the help of just a little more remover

Illuminate Those Eyes:

Feeling extra tired on Monday mornings, but can’t afford to look it? Illuminate your eyes with these easy steps…

Add an illuminating powder or highlighter either above or below your eyebrows. This will add some light and lift to your eyes

Want the appearance of brighter, more “awake” eyes? Switch out your black or brown eyeliner to look less drab, and opt for a shade of blue instead. The appearance of looking more alive will come from the blue making the whites of your eyes…well….whiter.

DIY Bronzer:

Who would of ever thought that cocoa powder could do this? If you’re like me and believe that if there was one makeup product you had to have at all cost, it would be bronzer. You can use it anywhere to make you look healthier by adding a fresh glow. Try this the next time yours runs low…

Combine Cocoa Powder and Baby Powder until you have a desired shade of “bronzer” and apply as you usually would with a brush. The best part about using this cocoa powder is that it leaves a natural brown finish, instead of that artificial orange that many store-bought bronzers have. Not to mention, it smells great, too!

DIY Lip Gloss: 

Because every girl loves a glossy lip…

add un-petroleum jelly and coconut oil in a small jar, mix to make a base, and then add Crystal Lite powder (any shade or a mix of shades) to create the tint you want to achieve.

DIY Lip Stain:

For the appearance of a tinted lip without the heavy gloss or matte chapstick…

Combine 2 tbsp of olive oil, 1 tbsp of honey, and one peeled and chopped beet, blend, and apply. You can then store the rest in your fridge for up to two weeks.

The Appearance of Fuller Lips:

Some of us don’t have this issue, but for those that want the appearance of a fuller lip, without going Kardashian style and paying for fillers, try this less expensive (and less invasive) trick…

Add a dab of gloss or shadow to the middle section of your lower lip, which can also give off the appearance of a 3-D look.

Matte Lips:

I always thought of this look as the type of lip my mom always wore as I was growing up, and always thought it was “too adult-like.” But now that I am pushing my mid-thirties (gulp), I think it’s nothing short of looking sophisticated…

After applying lipstick, cover your lips with a tissue and then sprinkle baby powder over them. The powder will seep through the tissue, leaving the color less glossy and more matte (but don’t forget to remove the tissue afterwards!)

Keep Your Lipstick on all Day:

If you’re constantly on the go, and have little time to make it to a mirror to re-apply your lipstick throughout your daily routine, here’s a little tip to help save time from reaching for that tube…

Apply Blistex before applying your lipstick in the morning. Not only will this help prevent the color from fading, but you’re keeping your pucker smooth and moisturized as well!

Teeth Whitener:

I have a pet-peeve about discolored teeth…maybe it’s because I spent half my adolescents living at the Orthodontist office, so I do not take for granted the appearance of a healthy smile, or the fact that I worked for a dentist and learned the importance of good oral hygiene (and we’ll save those reasons for a later post). But to me, your smile is everything, and there’s nothing nicer than seeing someone showcase a mouth full of pearly whites…and here’s how to easily master this…

To remove those surface stains, mix 1 tbsp of baking soda, 1 tbsp of 3% hydrogen peroxide, a drop of warm water, and a dab of your favorite toothpaste and blend together. Brush your teeth as usual, not allowing yourself to swallow any remnants of the paste. Repeat daily until you have your desired color, and then continue once a week to maintain the color.

Make Colors POP: 

Looking to vamp up your look for a night out, or are just anxious for warmer weather and a brighter palette?

Try using white as a base color before applying your eye or lip makeup. You can even coat your nails with a white polish before applying your base color to help make your mani appear neon.

Keep that Makeup from Fading:

Before applying your makeup for the day, aside from adding a moisturizer of some sort to your skin, use this helpful tool to keep you looking fresh-faced…

Set your makeup with a base primer (oil-free powder or matte quality) to make it harder for foundation and blush to rub (or sweat) off.

Hopefully you found some useful and fun ways to play around with some of the items you already have stored in your kitchen or bathroom cabinets! Make sure to give some of these hacks a try and let me know how it works for you! Or if you have some of your very own that are tried and true, I’d love to hear about them as well! Tag me on Instagram: @daniellepiel, on Facebook: Danielle Piel, or leave a comment below! I’d love to hear from you!

See you next week for Part deux with more beauty hacks on a budget!

X, Danielle




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