Why Your Workout Clothes May Be Ruining Your Workout

 We’ve all been there, and I know for one thing, I fall victim of it myself…purposely wearing the wrong kind of workout gear, just because I love the specific style, shape, designer, you name it. But what we fail to recognize is that some of the fitness wear that we desperately fall for, could quite possibly be ruining our workout and in some cases, our desire for a healthier lifestyle.

  1. Let’s start from the bottom up…(literally):

images (1)

Ladies, avoid wearing anything silk or lace. You want to be able to wear a material that is not only breathable, but ones that will be more comfortable while moving around, and not to mention, less noticeable through those tight shorts or leggings

2. If the shoe fits…:

FullSizeRender (1)

Remember: comfort over style. I’ve always loved a stylish pair of sneakers, because not only do I wear them during my workouts, but I also like to incorporate them in my day-to-day style. However, if you feel any tightness, lack of shock absorbency, or soreness…it’s time to find a new pair. If cardio’s your thing, find a shoe with more cushion. You prefer walking? Find one with a more durable/rocker sole. Another important factor to consider is getting to know not only the size shoe you are, but your shape as well, and most popular  shoe companies now have more options depending on whether you have high arches, or flatter feet. Some companies (such as Fleet Feet) will even do a consultation with you to match you with your perfect shoe.

3. Socks:

I know this may be a “no  brainer” for some…but I cannot stand wearing socks with shoes. I know you may be thinking to yourself “That’s gross! Don’t your feet smell?” The answer is…sometimes (depending on the shoe). When I wear sneakers, my feet do tend to sweat, and even though I hate wearing socks, I compromise by wear toe socks, that way they are unnoticeable, but also prevents my shoes from lingering with a post-workout smell, and most importantly, prevents any sweat from building up and creating unhealthy bacteria that may form (such as athletes foot, irritation, or foot fungus) on my skin.

4. Baggy Pants:

images (3)

If your pants are too baggy you could run the risk of them getting caught on the machinery you’re working out on. Not to mention, they can get in the way of allowing you to have an effective workout.

5. Sports Bras:

images (2)

Ladies, pull-over sports bras are not only taking the cheaper route, but they are easily accessible. However, purchasing one that clasps in the back is the way to go, because like your regular bra, you can always loosen or tighten the straps in order to receive the right “support.” Over time, your pull-over bras will eventually wear and you will lose the support needed to keep you up.

Want comfort and durability, but don’t want to splurge? Check out these sites:

Don’t mind the splurge? These are some of my favorites:

**The best part is that most of these bras (even the “cheaper” brands), can be found at most department stores (such as Macy’s, J.C. Penney, Nordstrom, Kohl’s, etc…) where you can save with additional coupons. More so, some famous clothing stores are jumping on the “Fitness in Fashion” train and are now selling them in stores too!

6. Cotton:

Although cotton may seem comfortable and breathable, it can actually do the opposite while working out. You want to make sure that you avoid clothing that is 100% cotton, for two reasons:

  1. it will collect moisture, causing the fabric to stick to you

2. the dampness can eventually cause skin irritation, breakouts, or chaffing…OUCH!

Instead opt for fabrics with Lycra, spandex, or polyester which will keep your body cool while you’re making it burn!

7. Makeup:


The gym isn’t a place to look perfect. Actually, there’s nothing less attractive than seeing someone try to “dazzle” themselves up, before jumping on the treadmill. If you want to get attention (positive attention) without trying too hard, then let that natural glow from your ruthless workout be all your face needs to attract it. Besides, who wants to stare at someone’s face while their sweat melts their makeup, or even worse, having to deal with the  breakouts you can receive from clogging those pores?

8. Jewelry:

FullSizeRender (14)

We all have that piece of jewelry that we can’t part with for sentimental reasons…but believe me when I say this, leave it at home! Not only does it prevent you from possibly losing a stone (guilty!), but you can get a necklace caught, bang up your fingers, lean on a bracelet, or even worse, break it or lose it.

At most, a fitness watch with a snug fit is your best bet, since it’s tight enough to ensure you will not get it caught on any machinery, but also benefits you in getting the most out of your workout.

9. Give it a Test Drive First:


Try a few stretches at home (or even in the dressing room for that matter), to make sure that whatever piece of clothing you’re looking to wear for those workouts truly fit, giving yourself room to move and breath. Nothing’s more embarrassing than splitting those pants mid-squat in front of your favorite fitness class

10. Perfumes, Cologne, and Lotions:


No one wants to smell bad while working out, but wearing something other than deodorant can intensify the more heat your body builds up. This can cause headaches for you or the people near by.

Greasy lotions can be hazardous, causing you to slip and lose grip, and although we all want to leave our mark on this world, leaving a nasty residue behind isn’t the way to make that happen.

Just can’t resist? Opt for something fragrance, or Oil free.

What dos and don’ts do you have about your workout wear? Share them with me on Instagram: @daniellepiel, Facebook: Danielle Piel, or leave a comment below!

X, Danielle

Photo Credits: Images for numbers: 1, 4, 5, & 10 from Google Image





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