Effortless Hacks for the Denim Lovers

Hello, Everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the beginning of your weekend! If you’re like me, weekends are spent in workout clothes if I just want to lounge around, or my favorite denim for those moments when I need to try to look presentable, but want little effort in doing just that.

So for today’s lifestyle post, I’m here to share with you some effortless hacks to keep your denim in shape, or even to breathe new life into them!

  1. I have gotten myself into this rut on many occasions when wearing a new pair of dark denim-turning my hands blue when wearing them! Here’s how to prevent those smurf fingers: Add one tablespoon of salt before washing your jeans, in order to set the dye.
  2. Want your jeans to keep that perfect color that made you purchase them in the first place? Skip washing them all together, and instead, seal them in a plastic bag and put them in the freezer overnight. The cold will kill any bacteria or smell lingering on them. And if they still smell, fill a spray bottle with cheap vodka, spray and hang dry.
  3. Find it gross not to wash them the traditional way? Then turn your jeans inside out, before washing them in cold water and then air dry them to not only keep the shape, but color as well.
  4. This is a hack I am notorious for doing…ever buy what you finally believe to be is the “perfect” pair of jeans, but after wearing them a few times, you find that the material has lost its magic fit and loosened up quite a bit? I wash mine in hot water, and then dry on high heat-do this on repeat until you get a pair of jeans that fit like a glove!
  5. So you’ve blasted them with heat one time too many and now your length is shorter than expected? If you have a great pair of boyfriend jeans, cuff them over and for skinny jeans, cuff them under. No one will ever know…besides, this is a much preferable look…9 times out of 10 I do this regardless the fit.
  6.  The warmer months are FINALLY amongst us, but you don’t want to spend the $50 on a great pair of weathered cut-offs that I almost caved and purchased at Express the other night? Put your “craftiness” to good use and D.I.Y  your cut-offs yourself!

The first time I tried this, I actually purchased a cheap pair of jeans at my local thrift store to practice-you can do the same, or just purchase them to cut and wear as well!

Linked below is a simple clip to help get the perfect cut-offs!

BEST Way to Cut Jeans Into Shorts

FullSizeRender (1)

7. What about bleaching those jeans whether they’re short or long? Believe it or not, that stone-washed, acid tone look is in, and even if you are looking for just a touch of bleach, because you don’t want to look like you stepped out of an 80’s Whitesnake Video, here’s how you can transform your denim into a weathered wash: for small spots of bleach stains, fill a plastic squirt bottle with bleach and spray your jeans with them. Continuously spray the same spot for an even more washed out look. If you’re looking for an entire bleached look, submerge your jeans in a bucket full of bleach for 3-5 minutes. Take them out and let them hang dry for about an hour, wash them in clean water and let them sit overnight so the bleach stains become more visible.

8. Distressed Denim: There are few hacks to try, so choose the one that most suits the type of distress you favor-

  • Get a cheese grater-Sounds weird, but if you put your jeans on, you can use the grater to easily pinpoint where you want the slight tears to be
  • Just as in the video on how to cut your own jeans, you can use sandpaper to weather the color. Try different sized pieces of the paper depending on the texture of the distress. But don’t forget to slide a piece of cardboard paper in between the denim to protect the other layer of fabric
  • A seam ripper-great for picking at little holes and creating some fray
  • Scissors-Self explanatory if you want to obtain a larger hole, on the fly. If you wash them afterwards, little by little, the fringe starts to rapidly appear
  • Grab a Razor-Just as you would with the sandpaper or even the cheese grater, continue to lightly shave over your choice of area and watch the denim start to split

9. Knees are starting to wear, but you don’t want to toss them? Add a pair of colored or laced tights underneath, or grab some patches to sew underneath and breath some new life into your denim!

10. Looking to bleach some patterns into your jeans? Polka dots are a hot trend right now, and easy to create with just the help of a bleach pen! Spot away, let them sit overnight, and voila!

11. You want to tuck your jeans into your boots, but don’t have a pair slim enough that will keep the bulge away? Go all 80’s with this folding idea: Roll up your pant leg, fold it over, and then tuck into your socks, before putting your feet into your boots…it’s that simple!

12. Unruly zipper that keeps sliding down? Use one of those circular binder clips to loop around the zipper, pull up and hook onto the button, before actually buttoning your pants.

13. And finally…How to store your jeans between wears: Use shower curtain hooks to hang your jeans from the belt loops before then storing them on the rod in your closet.

Were these tips helpful to you? You have the weekend, why not spend it giving one or more of these hacks a try?

What are some of your favorite jean hacks? Follow me along on Instagram: @daniellepiel, or Facebook: Danielle Piel. I am also sharing my “Outfit of the Day” looks on Pinterest: Danielle Piel. And as always feel free to email me at: daniellepiel22@gmail.com, or leave your comments below!

Happy Hacking!

X, Danielle

Photo Credits: Google Image



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