Crafty and Clever DIY Costumes Straight From Your Closet

Happy Friday Eve, Everyone! Ever since I was little, Halloween has always been one of my favorite holidays. Other than the fact that I have a soft spot for sweets, I just always loved the idea of dressing up and having an excuse to be whomever (or whatever) I wanted to be, with no questions asked. Now that I’m older, even though it’s not me running from door to door, screaming “Trick or Treat!” to my neighbors, I still enjoy having fun with my own children, by dressing up and sharing in the holiday spirit. However, I try to be wise, by using items already in my own closet (or my kids), to get into character.

So for those of you that don’t have the time or energy to go out and purchase a costume (that, let’s face it, you may only wear once), or just want to be smart about your budget, here are 7 crafty (and clever) DIY costumes you can create by just taking a peek into your very own closet!

1: Favorite T.V. Shows (past and present)-


Think Kelly Kapowski from Saved be the Bell: Big hair, blue eye shadow, hoop earrings, bangles, off-the-shoulder sweatshirt, leggings, huge socks (to scrunch down, of course) and some sneakers

The Walking Dead is a phenomenon that I just can’t get into, but when my son’s watching it, I know that if I can find an old t-shirt that I don’t mind tearing and staining, a pair of my ripped jeans, some boots, tousled hair, pale skin, and some red lips, I can easily pass as a “walker”

Keepin’ it Classy (and no, I’m not talking “Kardashian” Klass) Grab a pencil skirt, a button-down shirt, skinny belt, some stockings, a pair of pumps, create some “pin-up girl” curls, and add some red lips and pearls, and you will look like one of the beautiful, retro ladies from Mad Men

Can’t stop eyeing those cowboy boots you purchased for Country Fest last summer, but just don’t know how to incorporate them into your cooler seasonal wear? Why not create some big hair, throw on your favorite denim shirt and skirt, add a cowboy hat, those boots, and emulate Juliet from Nashville!

#2: Pop Culture-


Now we can talk Kardashians-straighten the hair, load on the smokey eye make-up, put on anything black, and throw on those stilettos! Don’t forget to cushion that tush with a throw pillow for a laugh!

As a matter of fact, any of your favorite “reality” stars would do!

The Amazing Race: Gym attire…need I say more?

SNL: YouTube some of your favorite characters from your favorite skits (Molly Shannon as Mary Katherine Gallagher, anyone…?)

#3: The Nerd/School Girl (A.K.A Britney Spears circa “Hit Me Baby, One More Time”)-

images (2)

Pig-tails, nerdy glasses, a button-down shirt or t-shirt, cardigan, mini skirt (preferably plaid), knee socks and shoes

#4: Playing it safe and subtle with the typical Cat/Mouse-

images (3)

Black shirt, black skirt, black tights, black pumps, some cute ears, a pin-on tail, whispy, long hair, and whiskers drawn on with eyeliner

#5: Mary Poppins-


Lauren Conrad pulled off this costume a few years back, and with midi skirts in high demand, this look can be so simple to recreate: a white button down, midi skirt, tights, booties/pumps, a cute bowtie, top hat with a flower and a cute umbrella with an over-sized bag…and Voila! It’s as sweet as a spoonful of sugar!

#6: Rosie the Riveter-

images (4)

Throw on a blue button-down (or chambray) shirt, tied at the waist, a pair of short black shorts, some heels, a red bandana around the head, and top it off with some winged eyeliner and bold red lips. There’s nothing that screams “GIRL POWER” like this look!

#7: Holly Golightly (Because what would playing dress up be if I didn’t incorporate my icon?)-


Top knot, pearls, big black glasses, your favorite LBD, black pumps, and if you have them, black gloves, a long (and fake!) cigarette holder…and oh yeah, don’t forget about “Cat”

I hope that I was able to get you into the Halloween spirit with some of these crafty and clever DIY costumes straight from your closet! Be sure to tag me on Instagram: @daniellepiel, or on Facebook: Danielle Piel with some of your Halloween looks! And don’t forget to follow along on Pinterest: Danielle Piel, or you can email me:, or leave your comments below! Have a “spooktacular” 31st!

X, Danielle


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  1. Donna says:

    Excellent ideas DANIELLE!!! My fave of course was your icon!!! Can’t wait to see the kids all dressed up tomorrow!!!! 💜

    Liked by 1 person

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