What I Wore (Week #7)

Hello, Everyone! It’s Sunday, and that means one thing-slipping into something cozy, putting your feet up, and getting ready to read our next installment of “What I Wore.” This week was a challenge for me…I had one of those “I don’t know what to wear” moments, just about every day. The problem was, I promised my husband (after my shopping excursion Columbus Day Weekend), that I would not purchase a single clothing item for the remainder of the month. As ludicrous as that sounds, that’s usually when the anxiety takes over and I really have to do my best to think outside of the box with the pieces I already own. Usually when I have the urgency to shop (even if it’s just for one measly item, such as a clearance rack shirt), I love the thrill of racing home and right away putting together ways to incorporate that “clearance rack”  item into my wardrobe (I guess this is a blessing and a curse for us compulsive shoppers!). But since I decided to hold back for the remainder of the month, I made it a point to really challenge myself with some additional pieces that I’ve had, but haven’t worn this season, because naturally, it hasn’t been cool enough until now, to break out most of my warmer clothes.

i’m happy to note, that some of these pieces, which are mainly wool (and are some of my favorites), actually cost me a fraction of what they would usually cost, retail. So, take a peek at some of the items, and if they draw some inspiration, follow where I purchased them-you may end up just as lucky with a similar skirt/sweater for the same price!

Look #1:

I’ve been itching to wear this ivory wool mini skirt. and after a few weeks of wearing white pants, I switched it up for a dressier work look. Mixing the mini with a darker contrast on top was key, as to not wash out the outfit, and pairing it with a neutral colored boot kept the look warm. I tend to wear most of my skirts during the cooler months with boots, because it still keeps me warm, while I can comfortably maneuver myself around at work all day, without feeling confined to the typical heel that most of us tend to wear.


 “Soft Grey” Tencel Popover Tunic-GAP (Retails for $59.95, but purchased it with a 30% off coupon) Quick side note: although the color says “soft black,” the shirt is more of a dark grey

Ivory Wool Mini Skirt from J. Crew, but purchased pre-owned for $5 at my local Salvation Army. A  piece of advice: don’t let the idea of “pre-owned” scare you. Some of my favorite pieces are pre-owned. As long as they are in new or like new condition, I am sold! Not to mention, if you’re willing to buy pre-owned anything, but always feel that you’re never lucky, you have to go on a day when you can give yourself time to really dig through the racks. They say patience is a virtue, and patience paid off for me when I found this treasure!

Tan riding boots by the brand “MIA” from Marshall’s for $50 last winter

Look #2:

I know some believe wearing a turtleneck is like taking a trip back to elementary school. But believe it or not, turtlenecks are extremely popular this season! I’m not talking about turtleneck sweaters (which you can never go wrong having), but shirts in general. To add more depth to this look, I paired a basic cotton, striped turtleneck under a grey wool sweater, and added a cute pencil skirt and some slip-on sneakers, and my “casual” outfit became an instant success for two reasons: layers and mixing of patterns/textures. Remember: when you want to start mixing colors, patterns, and/or textures, start small! I only used one pattern here, but by adding two different colors and textures to the mix, I was able to keep the look modern and clean. Feel free to play around with your sleeves too…when layering, show them off by cuffing your top layer a little higher than your bottom layer (if you plan on cuffing your bottom layer at all). It does add a little more appeal, and is an easy way to show off the different patterns, rather than just showing it from your neckline.

FullSizeRender (8)

Black and White Striped Cotton Turtleneck purchased on sale this week at Forever 21 for around $5

Grey, Cable-Knit, Wool Turtleneck sweater, purchased from GAP a few years back on sale for $25, and retailed for around $65 (Similar style linked fro L.L. Bean, most durable for a reasonable price-currently $45 on sale)

GAP Factory-Pencil Skirt (retails for $39.99, purchased on sale last week for 50% off plus an additional 15% from a coupon code on my last receipt)

Shoes-GAP Factory (late Summer-shop similar styles here from GAP) $12.99 on clearance. They are also starting to pop up at your regular shoe/clothing stores: Marshalls, H&M, Target, etc…

Look #3:

This look can easily transitlon from weekday to weekend. A jean skirt, casual t-shirt, a warm cardigan and slip-on sneakers. It’s as simple as that. The tones are pretty subtle, just your black, white, greys and denim-but again, simplicity at its finest!


Grey and white pocketed-patterned tee with silk-textured short sleeves, and back from Ann Taylor Loft’s, Lou & Grey Line, on sale for $25 last year (I linked their current “Knits and Tees” line, because they no longer carry this shirt or a similar look)

GAP Factory “marled open-front Cardigan” purchased Columbus Day Weekend for just about the same price it is currently on sale for ($29.99), but usually retails for $59.99-I absolutely love how soft and versatile this cardigan is…I’e been pretty much living in it on weekends,and even throwing it on to run out for errands, or to the gym!

Denim Pencil Skirt: purchased from Gap Factory, late summer on sale for around $25.00

Thick, Brown Leather Belt (Purchased on sale at the GAP for $10 over 10 years ago…)

Shoes-GAP Factory (late Summer-shop similar styles here from GAP) $12.99 on clearance. They are also starting to pop up at your regular shoe/clothing stores: Marshalls, H&M, Target, etc..

Look #4:

Stripes, plaid and a pop of purple! These skirts from J. Crew can look extremely bulky along this cinched waistline if you try to wear a loose-fitting shirt tucked in, or a sweater above the waistline (which is the highlight of the skirt, and why many people purchase it in the first place). Although I love wearing this particular style from J. Crew, I am very selective with what I wear as a top. Usually I stick with a form-fitted short or long-sleeved shirt with one basic color, or with patterns, and during those cooler months, use accessories to bring more attention to the look. It seems to work, because the plaid on stripes gets plenty of compliments.

FullSizeRender (7)

Grey and white striped, long sleeved, cotton shirt from Gap Factory (purchased Columbus Day Weekend for around $10 on sale-retail around $22)

Scarf: recent purchase from H&M-Priced regularly at $12.99

Deep Purple J. Crew Pleated Mini Skirt purchased from Poshmark for around $10

Ivory Wool Leg Warmers: purchased, again, from the wonderful app Poshmark (pre-loved)for $10 a few years back

Tan riding boots by the brand “MIA” from Marshall’s for $50 last winter

Look #5:

I very casually dressed up this button-down shirt and wool sweater, with a skirt I purchased earlier on in the fall. It was a dreary day outside, and I needed a little pick-me-up. So instead of sticking to some basic colors to match my blue and white striped oxford and the grey wool sweater, I opted for my beaded “Aztec”-designed,  black, blue, white and grey skirt. The pieces complimented each other, adding some color to my top layers, and toning down the beaded work on the bottom half. Regardless, I had fun putting this look together, because I never really thought that these pieces could all actually “work” together.  See what I mean by taking a chance, and experimenting…? I just added a new selection to my wardrobe!


Blue and White Button-Down Oxford shirt from Lands’ End, usually retails between $39-$59-purchased for $4.00 at my local Salvation Army (similar shirt linked from Old Navy for under $25)

Dark Grey, Cable Knit, Crewneck Sweater purchased from Lands’ End about three years ago, on sale for $40. They usually keep this winter staple in stock every year with a similar style/similar colors (the one linked is retailed between $34.99-$59.99, but Grey is not a color option-GAP Factory also has a similar style currently on sale for $39.99, and I linked their grey one

*IF you wait until around the holiday season, Lands’ End has unbelievable sales, with discounts up to 75% off

Jacqaurd-Weave Skirt-$29.99 purchased around Labor Day Weekend at H&M

Black, Glossy Hunter Rain boots-Purchased from Poshmark in new condition for $90-Retail price is usually around $150

Hopefully this week, I was able to give you some inspiration on how to mix and match your summer/fall pieces with those warmer winter layers, while also incorporating some of your favorite casual shoes or warmest boots! Don’t forget to check out my previous post on “Boots to Fall For” if you haven’t already taken a look at how I wear my favorite styles for the fall/winter season. And as always, remember to tag me/Follow along on Instagram: @daniellepiel, on Facebook: Danielle Piel, or Pinterest: Danielle Piel (where I just started compiling my looks from the blog). You can even contact me by email: daniellepiel22@gmail.com, or feel free to leave a comment below!

Here’s to a “creatively” stylish week ahead!

X, Danielle


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