Boots To Fall For

Happy Friday Eve, Everyone! This is the perfect week to begin “winterizing” your wardrobe and footwear! Too often do we jeopardize our warmth and comfort for a killer pair of boots, just because we love the style (believe me, I’m guilty of it, myself!). So today I want to share, not only my five favorite types of boots, but my five favorite that are warm, comfortable, durable, fashionable…and most importantly-where to find them at the most affordable prices. Enjoy!

#1: Duck Boots-

FullSizeRender (6)

Whether you are the “outdoorsie” type or not, these are some of the cutest boots that will stand the test of time. Not only are they incredibly durable, but they are comfortable, warm, and just about every “well-known” shoe brand out there seems to make them this season. You can purchase them short, tall, mid-calf, insulated, with fur, you name it! My best recommendation would be to go with the brand “Sorel” or the originals…”L.L. Bean,” because they have a life-time warranty (tried and true). If any damage occurs, just return them for a new pair, or they credit you the money.  These boots look adorable with leggings, or skinny jeans, and add that rustic, yet casual look to your fall and winter attire. Top it off with a warm knit sweater, or your favorite winter coat, to complete the look.

Kohl’s also sells the brands “totes” and “Madden Girl” for a lower price, and they always have additional discounts with their coupons

Target is also selling their own spin with their “Merona” line

#2: Riding Boots-


If there is one boot that every woman should own-it’s these. Not only do they pair well with fitted pants, but they do wonders for a sweater dress, or skirt. They keep your legs and feet warm, and help dress up the most casual of outfits. If you’re someone who is not too comfortable having a heel, or just prefer to dress professional, but want the comfort, then these are the way to go. Always in style, and always sophisticated! The best bang for your buck is your local Marshall’s. They carry a variety of well-know (and not so well-known) brands that are decent enough quality to last you at least a few seasons or long enough until you’e looking for an excuse to purchase a new pair! Looking to splurge a little more? Macy’s usually has a wide variety of well-known brands that you can easily purchase at a reduced price, if you are willing to wait for a Holiday sale. If there’s no Holiday coming up, or you just have a lack of patience, check their website frequently, where they almost always advertise sales with coupons you can easily access right from your phone.

#3: Booties-


These are probably some of the most popular boots at the moment. There are three distinct types: the cowboy/country look, the edgy rocker look, or the sophisticated high-heeled look. Black, brown or grey are the go-to colors to neutralize any look, but this season a pop of color seems to be the trend on the runway. When it comes to comfort, just focus on what works best for you. All styles and colors can be found with a stiletto heel, wedge, a chunkier heel (the 70’s/90’s style that’s “in” at the moment) or your basic flat sole. Durable boots at a great price? Check out Forever 21Famous Footwear, and believe it or not, Target has done a phenomenal job this season when it comes to styles and prices on booties (and boots in general). I own a pair of black, suede heeled booties that are going into their third season with me-and I adore them!

#4: Mid-Calf Boots-

FullSizeRender (5)

It’s a breath of fresh air to see a mid-sized boot, especially if you’re bored of the conventional tall or short. Not only do they stand out, because so little give the look a try, but they also look great on all frames. The best part is that they’re adaptable for all seasons, and help to truly transform your wardrobe! Best places to purchase these boots: Marshall’s, eBay, Target, Forever 21, and Famous Footwear.

#5: Hunter Wellies-

FullSizeRender (4)

These are by far my favorite boots. Although they are technically used for the early spring months, these can easily be transitioned into cooler months as well. Wear them over tights, leggings, skinny jeans, or my personal favorite, a cute pair of leg warmers They can be dressed up or down, and you can have so much fun mixing and matching your clothes with their versatile colors and lengths. These boots can cost you somewhere in the range of $150, but I have never splurged for a brand new pair, instead I’ve opted for second-hand ones (no, not from a thrift or consignment store…although I am praying for that day to come-perfect timing…), but I have purchased a pair of glossy grey ones off of eBay and currently, my glossy black ones came from the Poshmark site for $90. Don’t forget Amazon, too!  Sometimes the company even offers additional sales for free shipping. Looking to splurge on them? Stop by Hunter Boots website, visit Nordstrom’s site, or shop your local Lord & Taylor.

There they are! My five favorite boots for the coolest temps of the year! What are some of your favorite boots, or ways you like to style yours? Tag me on Instagram: @daniellepiel, or Facebook: Danielle Piel with your looks. You can even contact me by email:, or just leave a comment below!

See you on Sunday, as I give the low-down on “What I Wore” this week!

X, Danielle

Photo Credits: Some images were borrowed from Google Image


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