What I Wore (Week #6)

Hello, Everyone! The anticipation of our first freeze called for some serious layering on a few occasions this week! Thank goodness, because I feel that the more layered up I am, the more creative I can get with my wardrobe…so here we go, another week of looks, with some additional pattern and texture mixing. The best part about dressing up this week, was having the opportunity to finally break out some of the warmer clothing I purchased on sale both Labor Day and Columbus Day weekends. Enjoy!

As always, all looks, or those similar, are linked for your convenience!

Look #1:

Tuesday came early this week (yes, even though I had Monday off), and I just didn’t have the energy to mix and match, which was fine by me, because I wanted an excuse to wear my new fuzzy, white sweater I purchased the weekend before-not to mention, they paired perfectly with the most comfortable leggings ever! In order to avoid possibly coming off as “frumpy” (I purchased my sweater 3 sizes too big purposely, so it would “slouch”), I threw them on with a pair of black booties…and I was off to start the beginning of my four-day work week!

FullSizeRender (1)

Gap Factory Boucle drop-shoulder sweater purchased last weekend on sale for 60% off ($16.99) from $49.99

Black Jeggings purchased last weekend at Gap Factory for 20% off (plus an additional coupon I had from shopping Labor Day Weekend) Regularly retail for $59.99. Perfect fit! Not the type that loosens up throughout the day-stays tight and slim-fitting, like a true legging’s supposed to do!

Black Suede Sam & Libby Booties purchased a few years back from Target for $39.99 (similar style linked)

Look #2:

Now this is how I truly love to dress…by far my favorite look of the week. My favorite comment however, was “Mrs. Piel (paused for a moment with brief puzzlement)…are those rain boots you’re wearing?” Yes, dear and prepare yourselves, because I trudge through the coolest months of the year in these Hunters. This is a perfect example of how I like to layer up with different color schemes, while adding a touch of pattern. I tried to keep them all in the neutral zone, then threw in some polka dots to contrast, and then I had to find a way to make the black boots blend, so I added a soft, chunky white scarf to help “neutralize.” This was not a pre-meditated look, either…actually, I was short for time, because I was having one of those, “I have nothing to wear” moments, that makes my husband freak! So, in a moment of shear inspiration, knowing that I wanted to wear the skirt and boots made it easier to work the rest of my outfit around them.


Navy blue and white polka dot button-down shirt on sale for $25.00 at Banana Republic Factory Store last year (although they no longer sell this pattern, I linked the sleeveless version that is now on sale-still works for layering!)

Jones New York, Tan 3/4 cotton, boat-neck shirt from Marshalls for $16.99 ast year

Red wool J. Crew skirt purchased pre-loved on Poshmark last year for $15.00

Ivory Wool Leg Warmers: purchased, again, from the wonderful app Poshmark (pre-loved)for $10 a few years back

Black, Glossy Hunter Rain boots-Purchased from Poshmark in new condition for $90-Retail price is usually around $150

Ivory, Chunk Knit Tube Scarf from H&M last year for $12.99 (similar styles linked)

Look #3:

For this look, I threw on a basic t-shirt, jean jacket, and my mustard colored pencil skirt that has quite the texture…the best way to explain it is that the feel is equivalent to the texture of Fozzi Bear from the Muppets (if you were a child in the 80’s, you know what I mean, because you probably received this stuffed toy in your Happy Meal). I finished off the sleek look by adding a pair of pointed-toe pumps, and some accessories. Remember: when choosing a color that is as unconventional as something like this, you don’t need much to dress up the style. Keeping it simple can go a long way…just avoid looking too busy!

FullSizeRender (2)

J. Crew Factory “Hello” Tee on sale last spring for $16.99 (usually retail for $29.99

Mustard wool and polyester blend pencil skirt from J. Crew-purchased “pre-loved on Poshmark for $10

Jean Jacket from GAP Factory (Spring ’14, shop similar style here-I paid $25.99-so sign up with them to receive your coupons automatically, too!)

Black, suede, pointed-toe pumps by “Jennifer Lopez” purchased on sale at Kohl’s for $25-usually retail around $70 (similar style linked)

Look #4:

It was casual Friday, but I really didn’t have the desire to dress down…instead I went crazy with pattern mixing…I started with a blue and white striped shirt underneath a navy and green plaid flannel, and then my herringbone vest. The rest I kept simple, so I added a grey wool skirt, some tights and brown riding boots.


Grey and white striped, long sleeved, cotton shirt from Gap Factory (purchased on sale last weekend for around $10 on sale-retail around $22)

Navy and Green Plaid Flannel, purchased last winter on sale for $20 from J.C. Penney’s “Joe Fresh” line (similar style by “Joe Fresh” is linked)

J. Crew Factory Excursion Vest purchased Labor Day Weekend on sale for $36-Retails at $108…currently on sale for $75.50…not sure you want to pay that price? I saw similar ones for under $40 at both Target and Marshall’s

Grey Wool J. Crew mini skirt purchased on Poshmark for around $20

Maroon tights-Target $5.50 (similar style linked)

Tan riding boots from Marshall’s for $50 last winter

Look #5:

On the rare occasion that my husband and I get a night out together, I have to take advantage of it…however, it felt like it was down to 30 degrees by the time we stepped out for dinner, so I was in no mood to have bare legs of any sort. Instead, I wore a printed, billowy tank, under a fitted wool blazer, a taupe-colored scarf, and gave my look a little flare of “tomboy” with the jeans, and then slid into open-toe strappy heels, since it may be one of the very last times I get to wear them this season, and to dinner we went!

FullSizeRender (3)

Billowy, Mustard Colored, printed tank from Ann Taylor Loft last year (Loft “tops” are linked, since the style of this shirt is no longer available)

Charcoal Grey Wool Blazer purchased for $26 on clearance last winter from GAP (similar look linked)

Gap Outlet Boyfriend Jeans for around $30 on sale (shop similar style here)

Taupe, knitted Turtleneck Scarf purchased from GAP last winter on clearance for under $10-retailed for $30 (I was so obsessed I bought a second one in dark grey!! Unfortunately, I can no longer find them on their website)

Black, Leather Strappy Heels purchased last year from Kohl’s (Candies Brand). I was able to purchase them on sale, with an additional coupon for under $30. Luckily, I have linked this season’s spin on the heel, currently oh sale for $26.97

And there you have it…another week of looks! I hope you were able to draw some inspiration from them! Remember, this is the season to have fun with your clothes, so step into your closet and dive through your drawers and find one piece to build a look around…start simple, a plain skirt…a sweater…or maybe that cute pair of tights you purchased last year, and then add some plaid…little by little, the creativity, and your wardrobe will become endless! Don’t forget to tag me on Instagram: @daniellepiel, or on Facebook: Danielle Piel, with your favorite layered looks. You can also email me: daniellepiel22@gmail.com, or leave a comment below!

This Monday (10/19), make sure to visit the blog “The Cat’s Pajamas” by Brian Huba! Once, every month “Fashion’s My Favorite Subject” will be featured for a “Fashion Monday” post-so if you missed my post last week on “White Wardrobe in Cooler Weather,” take a look at Huba’s, tomorrow. I even added some helpful pointers for the men in our lives!

See you later on in the week!

X, Danielle


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