Wednesday’s Workout Wear (On Thursday, Friday, Saturday, etc…)

A wise woman once said, “On Wednesday’s we wear pink!” Well, I’m here to share that even though some feel the need to follow suit, I believe that on Wednesday’s (or any other day that ends in “Y”), we should be encouraged to sport some workout wear, whether it’s pink or not. So, who’s with me?

I chose to write about fitness today, not only because it’s one of my most favorable past times, but more so, if you haven’t noticed: fitness is having a moment in the fashion industry.  Many retailers are now incorporating fitness wear into their brand: H&M, Old Navy, Victoria’s Secret, Gap, Forever 21, Joe Fresh (JC Penney), Nordstrom (if you live in the Albany, NY area-come September I am going to make this a familiar name here on the blog), etc…have all caught the fitness fever! Gone are the days when you had to rely on Under Armour, Nike, Lululemon, Adidas, and Reebok (to name a few), in order to look somewhat decent while working up a sweat. Don’t get me wrong, I have a background in phys. ed., and I practically lived in Nike and Under Armour for years, but let’s be feasible-when I’m just lounging around home, or running errands, I choose to be comfortable, but I do so cautiously, as not to go for the, “I’ve given up,” look. Besides, spending $50 on a pair of Under Armour leggings is completely illogical when I can now buy quality leggings for under $20 at most local retailers.

So, enough of my rambling…I’m here to share with you some of my favorite workout wear (and gear) to help you get excited about that next workout, or just to feel sporty, with a touch of sophistication on that next coffee run!

IMG_5064 FullSizeRender (12)

A typical example of how I switch from “working out” to “out and about.” I normally where leggings to the gym, because I feel more comfortable moving around in them and they keep my legs compressed, as well (**Helpful tip: did you know that leggings help you in training and recovery?). I also like to add a loose fitting tank, that way I feel less constricted, along with a pair of light-weight sneakers, such as these black and white Nike running shoes that allow me to move quickly, instead of being weighed down like other sneakers I have tested out in the past.

When keeping it casual, I slip into some comfy flip-flops, maybe a piece of jewelry or two (mainly watches and stud earrings), a pair of sunnies, and I am out the door with no fuss!

The Wear:

.Avia “Women’s Singlet Tank” in black, was a score at Walmart, this week: $6.00!

RDX Black and Purple running pants/leggings for $16.99 at Marshalls, this week

Nike Running Shoes (purchased a few months back from Kohl’s, on sale for around $70)

Gap Black Leather-Strapped Sandals (an old purchase that I found on clearance for under $10)

The Accessories…

FullSizeRender (14)

**Sunnies (review last Sunday’s “Soakin’ up the Sun” blog post)

FItbit “Charge” Watch  (can be purchased from or other retail stores, such as Kohl’s)-Although the watch retails at $149.95, it is the ultimate tracking device for anyone that is engrossed with staying…well…fit. For starters, this watch monitors your heart rate, your daily workout routines/all day activity, gives you your daily exercise overview, sets a sleep alarm while it monitors your sleeping habits, has caller I.D, and to top it all off- wireless syncing. Highly recommended!

And with the wear, comes my favorite gear…again, all products are priced reasonably!

IMG_1915 FullSizeRender (13)

Gold’s Gym Anti-Burst Fitness Ball-Purchased at Walmart for $9.99 (there are different sizes based on your height)

Yoga Mat-(an older purchase from Marshall’s for around $9.99)

Pro Form Kettlebell Weight (10 pounds for 12.99 at Walmart)

and last, but not least…by far, the coolest water bottle I’ve ever seen: Layer 8 Squish Roll-up 20 oz Water Bottle. I found this fun find at Marshall’s this week for only $7.99 and it came in an assortment of colors…(of course, I had to stick with the purple color scheme). This silicone water bottle is completely unbreakable (so a klutz like me can’t destroy it!), There is a flip-up, drip resistant spout to avoid any leakage while you are running around from one exercise machine to the next, and the best part-you can roll it up and store it away until you fill it up again!

So, before you head out to your “get fit” destination this weekend, don’t forget to pick up some of my fitness favorites. Here’s a little note to self: although it’s great to look and feel good while working out, keep in mind that if you still look just as “fetch” at the end of your routine…you didn’t work hard enough!

X, Danielle


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