Keepin’ it Casual: Summer Date Night

Hello, Everyone!  I just wanted to start off by thanking you all so very much for the generous feedback I have received about my journey into blogger-nation! It’s truly humbling to know that there are people out there who believe in me and have given me the reassurance that I am doing what feels right. I love you, all!

So with that being said…my intentions were to hold off on the fashion posts until later on in August (there’s meaning to my madness, I promise you!), but after talking to a few friends, I decided to throw a few into the mix over the next week or two.

Front Stoop

I figured since we’re officially into the mid-week, I’d share with you a little date-night look I put together that was inspired by a bubbly blonde, that has crept her way into my household (thanks to my two-and-a-half year old daughter): the whimsical Taylor Swift. What I love most about Taylor (other than that fearless personality) is her unique “modern spin” on vintage looks. I could not be more grateful that the Christina Aguilera, hip-huggers have found their way back into that genie bottle, hopefully not to be rubbed for at least another 20 years. Remember back in 2009, when Jessica Simpson was ridiculed while performing at a concert in high-waisted “Mom Jeans,” as they were so ruthlessly called?jessica-simpson Well, the joke was on us-the beautiful bombshell was onto something, because that look (or at least a more modified version of the height) is a favored summer look!

The best part, it’s a style that can be achieved by all women: full figured, or petite. I don’t know about you, but after having two children, my body has certainly changed, and I will take any measures to hide more than I would like to admit having (catch my drift?).

So, here’s the look!  If you’re not sure about the blouse, you can always opt for a simpler look on top, such as a white cami, or a cap sleeve. I wouldn’t try anything else too drastic. A piece of advice: when wearing one article of clothing that is fairly busy (in this case, the red and white polka-dot shorts), be sure to minimize the rest of your look. A word to the wise: keep it simple. If you’re not sure about flip-flops, a cute wedge or pumps will also do to add a little flirtiness to the look-but try to avoid any prints…a solid color that sticks to this scheme would probably work best. Above all, just have fun! ‘Tis the season for freedom and fun with style!

Against Bus FullSizeRender (1)

Blouse, shorts, and flip-flops: this season’s  LC-Lauren Conrad brand (Minnie Mouse Collection). I linked the site where the blouse and shorts can be purchased on sale. **Also comes in Navy **Flip-Flops are not tagged (but also an LC brand, spring/summer collection)

As for the makeup-again, simplicity! For some reason this year, I have been fixated with the color red (hence head-to-toe red EVERYTHING). However, when it came to red lips, I was very hesitant. Honestly, the last time I applied red lipstick, I was about 8, and it was when I was giving myself my own makeover with my mother’s makeup and clothes…so needless to say, up until that point, I thought the color really only amplified anyone with blonde hair or fair skin…then I met my friend Morgan ( who works for Sephora, in Clifton Park, NY. She told me that by getting to know which shades work right with your skin tone, any girl can pull it off. Again-if you’re going to go for a dark, dramatic lip, please ladies…keep the eye makeup to a minimum.

Heartglasses-red lips

Lips: Bite Beauty “Tannin”-$24 (Sephora had the lowest price against other competitors): a little side-note for you vegetarian/vegan lovers…Bite products are made with natural and food-graded ingredients…yes, you can literally lick your lips and not feel bad about absorbing any harsh chemicals!

Nails:Essie “blanc”-$8.50 (can be purchased from the Essie site, or your local beauty supply store-Kohl’s even carries Essie, and they always have coupons!!)

Red Heart-Shaped Sunnies: Forever 21-$5.90

Perfume: Not only do you want to look like a rose, but it doesn’t hurt to smell like one, too! Versace “Bright Crystal”-$30.99 (I actually received this as a sampler at Sephora, but Target has the most reasonable price-but it’s only sold online)

And then there was jewelry…I like to leave this for last. Since this outfit has a pop of color combined with a bold print, a simple pair of pearl earrings (I have a crazed-obsession with pearls…ask anyone that knows me well, I even wear them with sweats!), a few rings and and a watch will help tie up this look-I know some of you may be thinking that you need a necklace-avoid it if you’re going for a blouse with a collar (such as the Peter Pan collar in my photo)-too much around the neck is going to draw attention away from the rest of the look you so conscientiously put together.

Pearl EarringsAX Watch

Pearl Earrings: (Old…but you can easily find them at any clothing store for under $10…I couldn’t even tell you where I purchased this pair…like I said, I have a pearl problem…I own too many to remember)

Watch: Armani Exchange (a gift from a few years back, but I still linked their site)

On bench

Hopefully you were able to pick up some inspiration or a fondness for one of the products posted! Until then, have yourself a “Fearless” weekend! Don’t forget to leave me a comment or tag me on facebook (Danielle Piel) or instagram (@daniellepiel) with your date night look!

X, Danielle


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